Seamap GunLink Test Unit

The GunLink Test Unit is a portable system designed for quick and easy onboard testing of individual GFSM and TEM.

The unit provides onboard testing of individual Gun Fire and Sensor Module (GFSM) units and Termination Electronic Modules (TEMs). It’s capable of determining whether they are working correctly either before, in the case of spares, or after being attached to the array once a fault has been reported.

The unit consists of a Host Computer running GunLink version 3 software, Network Switch, Timing Control Unit (TCU), two Power Supply Modules, a rack mounted TEM replicator box and a rack mounted GFSM replicator box. One GFSM is required for testing a GFSM and two for testing a TEM. The GFSM replicator box therefore incorporates four GFM modules and two GPM modules for this purpose. The TEM replicator box – which tests GFSMs – houses the dry end media convertor. The keyboard is rack mounted and slides out on runners. The software has been designed to be both intuitive and simple to use.

The cable pack comprises two (AG or GISMA) cables each 10m length to connect the GFSMs to the test unit, one 1m test unit interconnect cable, a 10m TEM power cable, four MFM-ST cables for TEM comms, Solenoid load cables for testing the GFSMs and a 10m 4×4 ST-ST patch cable. Lockable rear doors house cooling fans and a cut out for cable entry/exit.