Seamap RGPS Tracking Systems

BuoyLink 4DX

The introduction of BuoyLink 4DX will significantly enhance the precise positioning capabilities required for 3D and 4D surveys. The system has been designed to be the most functional and advanced RGPS system in the Seismic industry to date.

Seamap has developed a new generation of BuoyLink RGPS modules using the latest advances in GNSS receiver technology to provide submeter positioning for Gunfloats and Tailbuoys.

The design incorporates an array of functionality providing the end user with an extremely field-reliable product capable of surviving the harsh offshore environment. With internal radio antenna, Source and Tailbuoy Module, there are no external components, thus improving reliability and signal integrity (less signal attenuation), without increasing the physical size.

All modules communicate bi-directionally within a network utilizing both RF and Hardwire telemetry technology. Taking advantage of the very latest improvements in radio telecommunications, Seamap has been able to make a vast increase in the volume of telemetric data supported by the system. This dramatic increase in available bandwidth means that the end-user, with a single master radio unit, can significantly increase the number of GNSS modules allowed within a Seismic spread.

In the future, you can also consider enhancing the 4DX with the addition of an Integrated Inertial Measurement (IMU) to provide an additional layer of data integrity insurance, for example in inclement weather where waves may be swamping GNSS reception. This also allows for height, heave, swell, tilt, roll and pitch measurements only requiring two satellites to maintain high level accuracy.

BuoyLink EX

Our GPS Tracking System monitors precise locations for gun floats, paravanes, chase boats, forward nav buoys and tail buoys. The system provides up to 32 inputs and interfaces directly with the shipboard’s central navigation system.

Key Features

  • Ruggedised: Shock mounted electronics package mounted in stainless steel housing provides reliable operation on gun floats and tail buoys.
  • Software Support: Available with software patch for Spectra™ by Concept Systems
  • Dual Function: Each module is equipped with both standard RS 485 data output and optional spread spectrum radio output
  • Accuracy: Proven sub-meter accuracy
  • Controller: Standard 19″ rack mount 16 channel on-board controller available