Seamap Near Field Hydrophone

Seamap’s state of the art design enables customers to re-calibrate hydrophones onboard. This significant development in technology contrasts with hydrophones that boast inbuilt memory capability but actually only ever provide derived data stored at time of manufacture.

Seamap’s groundbreaking design utilizes an in-built EEPROM memory device and thermometer to enable ongoing verification of data at chosen future intervals. This up-to-date data, collected by the customer at a time of their choosing, will be stored in the hydrophone memory and can be accessed at a later date to provide traceability. This extra functionality will negate unnecessary hydrophone wastage and assist with preventative maintenance of equipment.

Each hydrophone, specifically designed for near field monitoring of air guns in the marine seismic environment, is characterized against a reference. The PCB memory stores this data. Characterization is performed as part of the design proving. The characterization will detail the full and exact performance of the product over a wide frequency range, temperature range, and will simulate a series of stressful shock and vibration scenarios.

The units are robust and designed to remain stable in response both over time and over a wide range of acoustic exposure. Ongoing verification and re-calibration, performed by the customer, will trace any drift in capacitor induced by excessive use in the field. This live data can be verified on a project by project basis improving reliability and reducing downtime through the identification of faulty units.

Seamap hydrophones are fully functional with the GunLink 4000 or 2500 digital source controller, but can be purchased as a stand-alone product offering a clean signal and precision auto fire detection, even with small air leaks.