Seamap Sleeve Gun

Field proven in worldwide applications, Seamap Sleeve Guns are available in two series (IC and IIC). Offering precise timing for a superior acoustic signature, Sleeve Guns are reliable, safe and easy to repair.

The Seamap Sleeve Gun offers several key benefits over traditional air guns.

  • Improved safety – Sleeve Guns can be retrieved and deployed without being pressurized.
  • Signature reliability and 4D repeatability – Traditional air guns use multiple ports, and the resulting discharge of air becomes rapidly disorganized. In a compact array, these disorganized bubbles can interfere with each other in an unpredictable and non-repeatable fashion. Seamap’s Sleeve Gun uses a single 360 degree port, resulting in a predictable, spherical bubble with a reliable and repeatable interaction with adjacent guns.

Key Features

  • Precise timing
  • Routine service internal in excess of 250,000 shots
  • Deploy and Retrieve without high pressure being applied to the guns
  • Patented low-impedance polarized timing coil yields maximum tolerance to leakage


  • Deep water multiple array 3-D seismic surveys
  • Ocean bottom cable energy source
  • Shallow water and marsh operations, with optional mud-shuttles
  • High-resolution surveys, requiring extended bandwidth
  • VSP applications, both offshore and onshore