Seamap Depth & Pressure Transducers

The Seamap range of depth and pressure transducers offer improved linearity, accuracy and stability over existing conventional transducer designs at an affordable price.

A significant improvement is achieved by implementing a curve-fitting algorithm utilizing a thick ceramic piezo-resistive sensor film.

The Seamap transducer design incorporates the latest in advanced electronic design techniques with embedded dual digital processors and improved signal conditioning circuitry, providing the capability to apply advanced error correction techniques which improve overall accuracy of depth and pressure readings over the full operating range.

The DT has an internal integrated snubbing mechanism to prevent peak pressure damage to the sensor face, minimizing the effect of long term fatigue. The ceramic sensor element eliminates problems commonly associated with conventional units such as corrosion and deformation damage to the sensor face. The PT doesn’t require a snubber attachment because these is no surge creating a massive peak.

The PT and DT range has been specifically designed to integrate with the GunLink 2000 system. This synergy creates optimum performance required in the field. A Seamap 16 channel 19” rack mount Depth and Pressure Monitoring System complete with quality control software is available to interface as required.