Seamap Source Controllers

GunLink 4000

The GunLink 4000 (fully distributed) is the third phase of Seamap’s range of new generation hydrophone monitoring and gun control systems. The system provides in-water firing control and sensor timing monitoring of up to 256 standard guns (128 GI guns) and is capable of receiving hydrophone data from up to 512 near field phones. The GunLink 4000 moves the system electronics in to the water allowing it to be mounted close to the gun array, thus reducing umbilical diameters, increasing umbilical lengths and allowing shorter offsets.

GunLink 2500

GunLink 2500 (semi distributed) is an upgrade option for the GunLink 2000 and new system installations

  • Utilizes existing hardware with additional Gun Sensor Module (GSM) and telemetry units
  • Adds digitized sensor data over existing umbilicals:
    • Hydrophone
    • Depth Transducer (DT)
    • Pressure Transducer (PT)
  • Umbilicals up to 600m
  • Improved accuracy with fewer analogue devices in the water

GunLink 2000

The GunLink 2000 is the Seamap On-Board Gun Controller and Hydrophone Acquisition System. It is expandable to control up to 256 guns and acquire data from up to 512 Near Field Hydrophones with 24 bit resolution at 0.1mS sampling.