Seamap Tailbuoy Charger 3G

Designed to charge and maintain the Tailbuoy battery, and regulate power to any attached loads, from a combination of three power sources. The power sources can have a wide voltage and current range, and the Tailbuoy Charger (TBC) 3G will efficiently manage all and distribute according to the battery state and load requirements. The TBC will in addition manage all flow of data communication between connected devices and the streamer.

Seamap’s sophisticated integrated circuitry has merged multiple features and functionality, opening new possibilities to the industry, which were otherwise not possible. The TBC is suited to all deployment needs.

The Tailbuoy Charger 3G is essentially a proficient power and data interface unit designed around our many years of exerience in the industry. It brings together a Tailbuoy battery and series of power sources, and converts them in to multiple tightly regulated DC supplies. These can be used to power any 12V device such as:

  • Acoustic Modules
  • Navigation and visual referencing lights
  • RGPS Modules

Each output can be individually power toggled with individual shut down control for each power source. The battery charges both conventional (flooded) and sealed (VRLA) 12V batteries which have a capacity of between 10Ah to 75Ah. The charging power can be obtained from one, two or three of the following sources;

  • Solar Panel (PV)
  • Water Generator (WG)
  • Streamer Power (TAPU)

In the absence of a battery, the Tailbuoy Charger will continue operation as a regulated DC power supply to power the loads as long as another input power source is available.