MIND Technology designs tomorrow’s innovative and unique Defense Solutions, based on our state-of-the-art commercially proven towed array technology. Performance and functionality are enhanced by using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques.

MIND Technology Sea Serpent Towed Arrays, based on COTS Seismic Arrays, are applicable for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), and Maritime Security applications.

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MIND Technology Sea Serpent


Anti-Submarine Warfare & Maritime Security

Industry changing ASW capability

Advanced, stealthy, and extremely capable submarines are now readily available at low costs, bringing an offensive submarine capability to many more navies and even non-state actors. Without some form of countermeasure, these capabilities allow unchecked covert intelligence gathering, harassment of shipping, territorial claims, infiltration, or delivery of contraband.

Using our rugged, field-proven, solid seismic streamer technology, coupled with unique in-house developed advanced processing, MIND Technology has developed an industry-changing towed array ASW capability.

Our ASW system has been designed for rapid deployment from USV platforms or as a ‘clip-on’ capability to existing light- and medium-weight Coast Guard or Naval vessels.  MIND Technology towed arrays are modular and scalable, with lengths from 50 m to over 300 m acoustic aperture available.

Processing uses a scalable, app-based architecture and includes multiple beamforming options,  as well as broadband, narrowband/LOFAR, and DEMON processing.  Other apps will include passive tracking and Target Motion Analysis.  The architecture is fully open to allow third-party/government processing and supports private cloud operation for distributed tracking, multi-static processing, and data fusion.

Top view of submarine close to ocean bottom

Product Lines

Anti-Submarine Warfare & Maritime Security

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