MIND Businesses

MIND Technology has the advantage of two very strong brands, Seamap and Klein. Seamap is known throughout the marine exploration industry for GunLink™ seismic source controllers, BuoyLink™ RGPS positioning systems and SeaLink™ solid seismic streamer systems. Klein is almost synonymous with side scan sonar, having introduced the first commercially viable systems almost 50 years ago. The recently introduced […]

Partnership for Synthetic Aperture Sonar

In July we entered into an agreement with a major European defense contractor to jointly upgrade existing technology to create the next generation of synthetic aperture sonar systems for commercial and military markets. The new systems will be based on technology developed by each of parties over the past several years.   Increasingly, customers require higher […]

Change to MIND Technology

On July 31, 2020 Mitcham Industries became MIND Technology, Inc. This change was part of a process that reincorporated the Company in the State of Delaware and that was approved by more than two-thirds of our shareholders. While this is an important step in our vision for MIND, from a practical, day-to-day standpoint, changes will […]