On July 31, 2020 Mitcham Industries became MIND Technology, Inc. This change was part of a process that reincorporated the Company in the State of Delaware and that was approved by more than two-thirds of our shareholders. While this is an important step in our vision for MIND, from a practical, day-to-day standpoint, changes will be subtle and gradual.

For our shareholders, the change is almost transparent. Our common stock and preferred stock continue to trade on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the ticker symbols “MIND” and “MINDP”, respectively. For our employees, customers and suppliers, you will see little, if any, change in day-to-day activity. Our Seamap and Klein subsidiaries continue under those names.

But, there will be a few changes that you will notice over the coming days and weeks –

  • A new, redesigned website at MIND-Technology.com (the existing Seamap and Klein sites will continue to operate and will be linked to the new MIND site)
  • Revised logos
  • New business cards
  • New e-mail addresses; however, existing addresses will remain valid and seamlessly forwarded as needed

Our goal is for MIND Technology to be recognized as the leading supplier of innovative technology to the marine industry. We want to help our customers solve their most challenging problems in the areas of

Marine Exploration

We offer an extensive range of seismic products based on leading edge engineering design, development and production. We provide real time solutions that give our customers the advantage in an ever increasingly competitive industry.

Marine Survey

Innovative hydrographic solutions that provide extended range coherent side scan, IHO Exclusive Order swath bathymetry, and stunning 3D point clouds.

Maritime Defense

Advanced and Cost-Efficient Maritime Security Solutions for Search & Rescue, Mine Counter Measure (MCM), Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Waterside Security (WSS).

MIND Technology has the advantage of two very strong brands, Seamap and Klein.

Seamap is known throughout the marine exploration industry for GunLink™ seismic source controllers, BuoyLink™ RGPS positioning systems and SeaLink™ solid seismic streamer systems.

Klein is almost synonymous with side scan sonar, having introduced the first commercially viable systems over 50 years ago. The recently introduced MA-X™ and µMAX™ technologies demonstrate our commitment to providing innovative solutions.

The change to MIND Technology is intended to emphasize the commitment to our goals by creating a single organization that can leverage the strengths of our existing brands while continuing to develop new solutions for our customers and create new applications for our technologies.