Klein UUV 3500 Deep

From the experience of over 50 years of sea exploration, Klein offers a line of products rated to 3000 m or 6000 m depth based on its widely successful UUV-3500 side scan sonar payload. The UUV-3500 DEEP operates exclusively with Klein’s proprietary wide-band technology providing unmatched side scan range and resolution performance in a low-power, compact and lightweight payload. The system’s electronics easily integrate into medium to large size AUV platforms and are also available in a watertight pressure housing configuration for ROV, submarine, and tow sled installations. Klein’s ruggedized transducers are designed and built to last and perform in the most demanding environmental conditions.

Real-time control and survey data logging, as well as post-survey analysis of the data, can be accomplished using Klein’s SonarPro® software. Alternately, Klein offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) which allows UUV manufacturers and third party software developers the ability to control the sonar directly, record data, as well as display the sonar data using Klein’s proprietary image display engine.

Key Features

  • Depth Rating of 3000 or 6000 meters
  • Superior Low-frequency Resolution
  • Unsurpassed High-frequency Resolution and Range Performance
  • True Dual-frequency Operation to maximize across track resolution
  • On-Board Processing (allows for direct integration with CAD/CAC processing systems)
  • Single-frequency Operation to maximize data bandwidth resolution
  • Low Power, Compact and Lightweight
  • Excellent Cost-to-Performance Ratio
  • Various Transducer Designs Available (Cables and Connectors or Penetrators)


  • Hydrographic / Geophysical Surveys
  • Cable/Pipeline Surveys
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Small Object Detection
  • Inspection Surveys
  • Search and Recovery