Klein System D3500TF

The Klein System D3500TF is a digital CHIRP/CW Side Scan Sonar designed for deep water surveys to 3000 m depth. The high fidelity, high definition imaging abilities make the D3500TF system an ideal and versatile tool for various deep water survey applications.

The D3500TF employs both a user selectable CW pulse and CHIRP transmission modes. Klein’s advanced broadband CHIRP signal processing technology coupled with Klein’s proprietary display algorithms, provides extraordinary long range, and high resolution seafloor acoustic imagery.

Dual simultaneous frequency (100/400 kHz) operation is standard in the D3500TF. 100 kHz provides long range, 600 m per side, search capability while 400 kHz provides higher resolution imagery for target classification to 200 m range per side.

Key Features

  • Dual, Simultaneous Frequencies (100/400 kHz)
  • CHIRP and CW Modes of Operation
  • Depth Rated to 3000m
  • Hydrodynamic Stainless Steel Tow Fish
  • Optional Magnetometer and Responder Interface Units
  • Automatic Variable Rate Bandwidth Telemetry
  • Easy Operation


  • Geology / Geophysical
  • Geo Hazard Mapping
  • Cable and Pipeline Routing and Inspection
  • Archaeological Surveys
  • Search and Recovery (SAR)
  • Submarine Rescue
  • Oceanographic Surveys
  • Minerals and Mining
  • Benthic Habitat Mapping